More money in our clients’ pockets

For the most recent Papa John’s designed and built by Ron Kwaske, Architect, opening day came one remarkable week ahead of schedule.  That’s an extra week of business for our clients.  In addition to that, by completing the project before April 1 we were able to save our clients over six figures in incentives!  That’s a lot of dough – pun intended.

Papa John's River North

Seriously, this was a highly challenged project that required an incredible amount of supervision and coordination.  The site was located within a mid-rise building that completely lacked mechanical infrastructure.  Plumbing, gas, and suitable ventilation were all necessary, and, a retrofit in an existing mid rise building is no easy task with the closest tie-in locations often located in excess of 3 floors above.

We had an incredibly aggressive deadline of one month start to finish.  The crews we brought to this project were professionals and followed the imperative set by our office that this project needed to be completed ahead of schedule.  They worked on a tight deadline in tight quarters.  With proper coordination, supervision, and a schedule updated on a daily basis, the work was completed efficiently and effectively.  Weekends were sacrificed, but craftsmanship and service were never compromised.


Our attention to detail and professional service does not stop with the drawings.  While we are proud to be their Architect; in this case we were also the Owner’s representative, adviser, and construction manager.

We help our clients to achieve their goals, which, in the case of a business, is to be profitable.   They can only start moving towards that goal if their business is operational, which we helped them do – one week ahead of schedule.


Lucky for me and my office, this post is written and not spoken because Michael McDermott & Heather Horton left us absolutely speechless with their acoustic performance in our office yesterday. The moment the soundcheck started we knew that there was going to be an incredible two hours ahead of us; and as it turns out, incredible is not a big enough word. I fear my staff may have turned into middle aged groupies. .. all good.

To the few who couldn’t make it… shame on you. You may very well have missed the opportunity for an unforgettable memory to add to your life’s adventure.

To all of those that came; thank you, I hope you had fun, and hope to see you again soon.

To Michael & Heather: I continue to be speechless, but, I can start with saying, on behalf of my office, clients, friends, and family, thank you for yesterday and thank you for being who you are.


Ron Kwaske.

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