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We took a trip to Detroit and were inspired by the: development rising out of the urban decay, friendly and colorblind people we encountered, and the overall energy and hope that the city will return to greatness.  This video briefly captures the rhythm and potential of the Motor City.

Improving the real estate for some realtors

3206 W Armitage rk render 2




Terms used in the programming interview by our clients – young, enterprising professionals who have newly formed a real estate company – to describe their wants for their new office space.  They seek a space that is aesthetically pleasing yet comfortable;  concurrently conveying and inspiring creativity.  Edgy and open, the office should be an environment where their clients will inherently feel a sense of belongingness.



Interval Pavilion



Our submission to the Centennial Festival of Riverboats Pavilion Competition

With gentle curves that follow the river, the Interval Pavilions offer spaces for entertainment, exhibitions, and other activities during the Centennial Festival of Riverboats.  Visitors will be drawn to the flowing structures that line the waterfront.

ele_w_HR            ele_HR

section_cross_HR         section_long_HR

The curved design allows for each pavilion to be oriented differently along the waterfront,  and creates a beautiful rhythm against the backdrop of the waterfront.  Regardless of orientation, the river and riverboats can be viewed from each pavilion through the structures’ open panels, and at night light will pour out, serving as beacons for visitors walking through the Festival. Continue reading

Tales of the Immortals: Aqua Nymph Takes on Man in the Moon

Kwaske Fan Fiction

They asked for provocative…and got it.

Reality Cues announced the winners of their Fan Fiction Competition, and our submission, “Tales of the Immortals: Aqua Nymph Takes on Man in the Moon” took an honorable mention!

The Reality Cues Fan Fiction Competition asked contestants to create the most provocative image representing a story line of architecture responding to the questions posed, “Which starchitects would make up the cast of your dramas? Which buildings would populate the backdrops of your global stage?”  We were inspired by the greek myths about the wrath inflicted on Arachne and Cassiopeia, humans who viewed themselves more talented or beautiful than the gods, the immortals.  What happens when the immortals have it out with each other?