A DESIGN STUDIO?  What of design? Sure we have desks, computers, pens, pencils, and lots of paper.  But we also have tools, wood, plastics, glass, steel, cameras, fabrics, easels, canvases, paints, pastels, backdrops and more.  All the tools and media necessary to allow us to explore our projects in unique ways.


THE FIRM prides itself on having no one reliance on a specific design technique; rather, we explore each project through a combination of different media appropriate for its problems, including digital modeling, physical modeling, sketching, and collage.


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ALL OF OUR PROJECTS are personally designed  and overseen by Ron Kwaske.  With the help and expertise of an extremely capable staff surrounding him, Ron Kwaske leads this office with an approach to rationalize all facets of every project.


RON KWASKE    earned both his Bachelor of Architecture with honors and graduate studies  from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  He is a licensed Architect in the state of Illinois, holds an NCARB certificate, and is both self-certified and a registered energy professional with the city of Chicago.  Ron also holds the following licenses in the City of Chicago: general contractor and cement mason.

You may contact Ron Kwaske via email at: rjk@Kwaske.com

ILIANNA KWASKE, Ph.D.   is an industrial-organizational psychologist.  She is responsible for directing our advanced use of psychological principles to obtain a better understanding of our client’s behavioral and spatial needs;  and determine the programming criteria for our corporate and institutional projects by employing methodologies such as interviewing, observation, focus groups, or surveys.


Dr. Kwaske earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois Chicago; and both her Master of Science and PhD from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

You may contact Dr. Kwaske via email at: ihk@Kwaske.com

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the office of 
Ron Kwaske, Architect
11 W Illinois St – 4th Fl   Chicago, IL  60654  +1 (312) 698-5024




Concrete construction services by: Kwaske, LLC


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