A Trip to Philadelphia to #DiscussDesign


It has been one week since we were in Philadelphia for the Vectorworks Design Summit.  What an inspiring and exciting few days!  For the first time, Vectorworks brought together their distributors and users to #discussdesign (the hashtag Vectorworks has promoted to allow followers to join in the conversation on Twitter).

We were honored that our design principal, Ron Kwaske, was invited to speak at the Design Summit.  His two sessions on using the cloud and cloud applications, to include Vectorworks Nomad, provoked discussion and generated questions from the audience about the direction  Vectorworks will take with it’s software.  Ron also participated in a panel discussion about how to stay creative while growing a business that informed the audience about the similar struggles small businesses experience despite the differences in operations, location, and project types. Continue reading

What do you think?



We took a trip to Detroit and were inspired by the: development rising out of the urban decay, friendly and colorblind people we encountered, and the overall energy and hope that the city will return to greatness.  This video briefly captures the rhythm and potential of the Motor City.