Job Openings

Office Ron Kwaske, Architect is an evolving practice seeking motivated people to join our firm.  We are looking for individuals to serve in the following roles and fulfill the respective requirements:

Digital Modeling Lead

This is a highly focused role that requires a strong attention span and ability to work on the same task relentlessly. You must:

  • Create, maintain, and revise 3D building information models.
  • Understand and appreciate 3D building models.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with digital 3D modeling; experience with Vectorworks is a plus.
  • Know basic construction methodologies.

Project Manager

This position involves working with others and requires very strong communication and organizational skills. You must:

  • Coordinate projects: develop and maintain clear and effective communication between architects and consultants; provide solid support and communication to other staff.
  • Review projects’ 3D models and 2D details, and make recommendations to meet project criteria.
  • Possess experience in, and sound working knowledge of, coordinating architectural, structural and MEP systems in construction documents.
  • Provide construction contract administration for projects.
  • Conduct code review and compliance.
  • Manage in-house quality control and quality assurance.
  • Handle permit procurement.

Detailer / Production Lead

This is a highly technical role that requires a strong attention to detail and ability to work on the same task relentlessly.  You must:

  • Compile permit and construction documents, including drawings and specifications.
  • Design  and detail custom architectural systems, roofing and enclosures, and misc. waterproofing.
  • Exhibit mastery of  how to put buildings together.

All candidates should have a minimum of three to five years relevant work experience, with a preference for those interested in growing into the role of managing small teams.  

These are very distinct positions.  They require different levels of attention and social skills.   Please read the requirements carefully, and apply to the position for which you are best qualified . We are your potential client.  What will you present us to help you win this job?  

Send what best represents you, your knowledge, your skills, and abilities to Dr. Ilianna Kwaske at .  Salary is commensurate with ability and/or experience.  

A Trip to Philadelphia to #DiscussDesign


It has been one week since we were in Philadelphia for the Vectorworks Design Summit.  What an inspiring and exciting few days!  For the first time, Vectorworks brought together their distributors and users to #discussdesign (the hashtag Vectorworks has promoted to allow followers to join in the conversation on Twitter).

We were honored that our design principal, Ron Kwaske, was invited to speak at the Design Summit.  His two sessions on using the cloud and cloud applications, to include Vectorworks Nomad, provoked discussion and generated questions from the audience about the direction  Vectorworks will take with it’s software.  Ron also participated in a panel discussion about how to stay creative while growing a business that informed the audience about the similar struggles small businesses experience despite the differences in operations, location, and project types.

The Design Summit opened with the Welcome Address from the Nemetschek Vectorworks CEO, Sean Flaherty, who took the audience through the 30 year history of Vectorworks, which was started by Richard Diehl in 1985 with a $10,000 loan to purchase an Apple computer powerful enough to run his 3D modeling program.  The history was interesting, but much of Mr. Flaherty’s talk was engaging and thought-provoking, asking questions we often ask like –  why does design have to be a luxury?  How do we change the perspective of people being raised to believe buying a piece of land and hiring an architect is unattainable?  Stimulating questions continued to be raised by the Design Keynote speaker, Leo Van Broeck, about sustainability and how we can minimize our footprint.

We learned more about the Vectorworks 2015 and were offered a sneak peek by Vectorworks’ Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Biplab Sarka, about what is to come in 2016.  Rather than pass along the preview, let’s just say that Vectorworks has a great ear to the ground and is way ahead of us.   We encourage you to stay up to date with the latest and greatest from the forward-thinking company by visiting their website:  We also understand that some of the keynote addresses and feature break-out sessions from the Design Summit will be available for viewing on their website soon.

All in all, Vectorworks put on a first class event from the speakers and sessions, to the entertainment that included a customer appreciation dinner at the Philadelphia Art Museum.  The events that surrounded the Design Summit were incredible opportunities to connect with people from around the globe.    For a first-time event, the Vectorworks Design Summit appeared to be a great success.  We can’t wait to attend next year!


What do you think?



We took a trip to Detroit and were inspired by the: development rising out of the urban decay, friendly and colorblind people we encountered, and the overall energy and hope that the city will return to greatness.  This video briefly captures the rhythm and potential of the Motor City.